Volkswagen Atlas Higher Priority In US Than Arteon

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The Volkswagen Arteon was unveiled recently and people loved it. However if you think that the vehicle is top priority for over in the US then you would be wrong. We say this as the Volkswagen Atlas has more priority as it holds the key to sales figures that will be huge.

In the US SUVs are the best-sellers as they sell faster than sedans and coupes with four doors. The Volkswagen Arteon is a very attractive vehicle but still sales are what matter to Volkswagen and so the Atlas is higher priority even though it doesn’t have the same looks.

The Volkswagen Atlas is the perfect recipe as it comes with 7 seats on all the trims and it is offered with the very latest in technology in the cabin. It is a superb balance for fuel economy and power and testers have rated it higher than the Honda Pilot, which is the segment leader.

With this in mind it’s not difficult to see why Volkswagen market the Atlas more than they do the Arteon. The latter is going to target a market that is smaller and it is bound to become very attractive at dealers.