Volkswagen Arteon Looking To Take On E-Class Estate

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While the Mercedes E-Class may be a superb vehicle it certainly doesn’t come with a very affordable price tag. If you are looking for something similar that isn’t going to break the bank you might want to hang on as Volkswagen are about to come up with the Volkswagen Arteon. The vehicle will take on the E-Class Estate and for a lower price tag.

Volkswagen showed off the Volkswagen Arteon some time back and now it looks as though the company may be about to launch it is wagon form. The head of products for the company said that they are waiting to see the reaction consumers have to the standard version before going ahead and making the wagon.

If the Volkswagen Arteon gets the attention that the carmaker wants then we can expect to see the wagon version of it arrive. On the downside is that we don’t know whether it would make its way to the US as wagons are not generally well received.

But what are your thoughts on the Volkswagen Arteon, is it something that you would like to see?

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