Vivo & Oppo Notch Solution Not Working?

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While we can see why some smartphone manufacturer is choosing to offer their device with the ugly notch in the front despite consumers being clear that they do not like it, some brands like Viva and Oppo are trying to work around it by offering pop up cameras. Although the idea is pretty interesting, does it really work as a solution to the notch?

While it does solve the issue about the display looking ugly with the notch, devices with a pop-up camera tends to be thicker than the devices with the display notch. The manufacturer will have to make room for not only the camera and sensor but also the slide-out mechanism.

Not only will this make the device thicker but also heavier. Then there is also the whole issue about durability. As nice as it is to have your camera pop in and out of the smartphone, some people are also worried that the mechanism won’t be that durable and that it might cause more issue in the future.

With that in mind, would you rather live with the notch or have a pop-up camera device?

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