Visage Will Pull Another Silent Hill On Us

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Visage was another horror game that looked pretty promising but it looks like it might suffer the same fate as Silent Hill or at least that is what the fans feel right now.

We have already seen a few videos of the game Visage and so far, the first person horror game looks pretty promising. It had the right atmosphere and its style is similar to Silent Hill. With Silent Hill, gone, fans were happy that they were going to get something that is similar.

The game was supposed to arrive as a 2017 game, however, SadSquare Studios later announce that the game will be coming later than promised. Instead of 2017, the game’s release status right now is “Someday”. The developer did not offer any explanation as to why the game was delayed and some fans feared that the vague release time that the developer announce could mean that they are giving up on the game.

We are still hoping that Visage would make it but don’t get your hopes too high.

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