Hidden Secret: 5 More Verizon ‘Share Everything’ Plans Exist

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Following on from the carrier stopping their unlimited data plans, Verizon have now announced high data plans of 20GB for $150. They are going to be offering their customers several choices of high GB plans and they have no plans of announcing it publicly hints CNET.

More Verizon Share Everything plans emerge

A spokesman told Computerworld that they would provide five data tiers on their family plans, this is more than previously announced when they made known their Share Everything plans. The five new tiers have apparently been on offer to their customers as far back as June. These have been available through their customer service number and in stores. Customers can choose from 12GB for $110 a month, 14GB for $120, 16GB for $130, 18GB for $140 and 20GB at $150 per month.

If you look on their site there is no mention of this, only the six original plans which start at 1GB for $50 and go up to 10GB for $100 per month. The spokesman said that these other plans were not added onto the website in order to keep everything as simple as possible. He also said that most customers only choose 2GB per month as this is all they need. Therefore who would need 20GB and want to pay out $150 each month for it?

Share Everything was launched in June to a mixed reception. On the new plans users got unlimited voice, text messages and up to so much data, which could be shared by 10 devices. Verizon stopped offering unlimited data which left millions of users with no cap thanks to grandfathered plans. With the launch of Share Everything those who upgrade to a new handset can take a subsidy and forfeit their unlimited plan by moving to one of the new ones which are capped.

The new higher data plans could be welcomed by those who miss their unlimited plans and who use a lot of data.


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