Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7: What You Need To Know

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We’ve recently seen the Samsung Galaxy S7 being uncovered at the much anticipated Mobile World Congress 2016, and yeah it looks great in the metal (just that the LG G5 is better in our opinion). But if you need to know when they are being released by Verizon with pricing details and whatnot, look no further than what this article’s sole purpose is to be.

It’s noted that the carrier would begin taking preorders for the S7 as early as 8:00AM EST on the 23rd of February. Customers would be expecting to receive their S7 by Verizon once they’ve preordered or they could always wait till the official launch in stores on the 11th of March. Not a long way to go too though.

If you’re wondering about the price tag that’s going to be hanging on the Galaxy S7, the 32GB one would be priced at $28 per month for 24 months, or $672 for the full retail price. What we can say is that it’s still a pretty good deal; well for a brand new flagship, it’s pretty worth it.

The question now is whether you’d pick this over the mesmerizing, irresistible LG G5. Sound off in the comments section below if S7 is all you’ve been dreaming of all this while.

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