Verizon Discontinues Samsung Galaxy S3, Signals S4 Nearing [AP]

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AndroidPolice have just received a tip that is reliable which says that Verizon have officially discontinued a number of Android handsets, including the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S3.

Final Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB shipment arrives

Final shipment have been received of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and this means that stock of the handset will dry up over the next month or so.

The document says that the HTC Rezound will soon be no longer and this handset hasn’t been on the website of Verizon for some time no. along with this the Droid 4, along with the first Droid Razr are also out. Final shipments of both of the handsets have been sent out. The LG Lucid is retired as from 15th February along with the Casio Commando on 15th May.

It is not surprising that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be retiring as rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 continue to grow strong. Also the 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will remain in cycle likely until we see the Galaxy S4 readily available.

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