Despite Leak, Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean May Only Come After AT&T (Rumor)

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Jelly Bean has been in the news loads, recently, and people are eager for it to get to the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has begun to roll out in some regions, albeit slowly in the US. We’ve already seen Sprint officially begin the rollout and there was leaked Jelly Bean build for the Verizon S3 that surfaced just last week. However word is that AT&T will likely be next, then only followed by Verizon.

US Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update: AT&T next, then Verizon?

The Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t coming fast enough to US shores. It’s been annoying for owners, especially as Samsung had promised both August and September. There was then a rumours saying that Jelly Bean might not get to the US until next year. Sprint said different, and then last weekend rumours about an update for the S3 started to float about.

Sprint customers were delighted when this rumour turned out to be true and the carrier said it’d be the first in the US to get JB. OTA updates continue, but S3 owners with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and US Cellular are still waiting. The Sprint update has chivvied the other networks along, so it shouldn’t be long.

So who is next? The folks over at PopHerald reckon they know the order of the Jelly Bean update rollout amoung US carriers. PH says that the Samsung website put Sprint in the top of the update list, with the other carriers listed below it. Samsung has listed the remaining carriers like this: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular.

Is this the order in which the update will arrive? If it’s not, why wouldn’t Samsung list the carriers in alphabetical order and was it just a coincidence that Sprint was up on top? This is a theory that PH wants us to look at. Still, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners can rest assured that they will get JB one day.

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