Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean: AT&T First, Then Verizon (Prediction)

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There has been plenty of news recently about devices being updated to Jelly Bean. One of the most asked about devices has been the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it has begun to roll out in some regions, although it’s taking its sweet time in the US. The latest news on the update is that Sprint has now started to push out Jelly Bean and quite possibly it could be the turn of AT&T next, with Verizon to follow.

US Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update: Sprint, AT&T and then Verizon?

There have been delays from Samsung and carriers in the US when it comes to getting the Jelly Bean update out. This of course has been very frustrating for owners of the device. Samsung did originally say that they would have the update out in September. However there was then news that told us that the update in the US might not come out until 2013. However Sprint said different and then just two days ago rumours started coming out that the update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 would come that same day.

Sprint owners were over the moon when this turned out to be true and Sprint gave confirmation that they would be the first carrier in the US to have the update. OTA updates have continued, but what about for owners of the S3 with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular? It is thought that thanks to Sprint having the update now, it will come to other carriers in the US very soon. However PopHerald thinks otherwise.

They say that if you head over to the webpage of Samsung about the Jelly Bean updates and the devices it is coming to, Sprint is top of that list and it says that the update is available for owners of Sprint. However the update status for other carriers merely says that the update will be coming soon. Samsung have listed the carriers as being, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and then US Cellular.

Does this mean that the update will arrive in that order? If not why wouldn’t Samsung list the carrier in alphabetical order? This is one theory that PH says is worth considering. At least for all of those with the Samsung Galaxy S3 they have peace of mind that they will get the update to Jelly Bean at some point.

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