Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update: Move Aside Verizon, AT&T Looks Next

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean rollout is underway in the US with some Sprint customers having got it already. On the other hand those on Verizon are left wondering when their turn will come, as are those on AT&T.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 may be Verizon to Android Jelly Bean

In Europe and other parts around the globe, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 already have Jelly Bean and they have been enjoying it for some weeks now. However those in the US are used to being on the roller coaster of updates as they see it with all Android devices.

The bulk of consumers on Sprint already have the update and feedback has been good so far. Today those on AT&T have heard news, and this is that the update may be coming at sometime next week.

GottabeMobile received an anonymous tip about this. However don’t hold your breath as this being gospel as this may change thanks to delays from carriers. Nevertheless if this holds true then AT&T may beat Verizon to the update.


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