Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update: Nothing Changes

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AT&T and Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are still waiting for Jelly Bean. Recently we saw the leaked Jelly Bean update for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 get to XDA developers, but the official rollout is still pending, even though T-Mobile and Sprint have sent it out.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update MIA

If you’re with T-Mobile then you can get Jelly Bean OTA or via Kies. Sprint S3 owners have had the update since October. This means that the US’ two top carriers are still waiting to get Jelly Bean – AT&T and Verizon.

Some rumours said that Jelly Bean would start rolling out to Verizon on November 16, but it didn’t. The leaked Verizon version is called VRBLK1, and judging by its stability, is the final version. There’s no official approval yet, though.

Leaked ROMs can be a bit risky, so do be careful. As Verizon is thought to be getting Jelly Bean out very soon, you might be best off to wait for the safer official version.

AT&T customers are also still waiting for their Samsung Galaxy S3 to get updated, and they should have had it this month too. AT&T can be a bit tardy with updates, so if it comes along in December it’ll be no great surprise.

The Jelly Bean update is available to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in more than 30 countries right now. For Verizon subscribers, this is no surprise as Big Red is pretty much the slowest in the US when it comes to rolling out updates. Even the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is currently 3 updates behind despite being a Nexus.

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