Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update: The Wait Ain’t Over Yet

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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are rocking Jelly Bean now. However it seems like only yesterday that the top four US carriers were racing to get the update first. The music has stopped now, though, and Verizon – the US’ biggest carrier – is the last to post the update.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update finally arrives

The Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon leaked out in September, which made many believe that they’d be getting it soon. Sadly, though, the update went to the other carriers, leaving Verizon users out in the cold. As Verizon is the largest American carrier, this annoyed its customers no end.

To add insult to injury, Samsung Galaxy S3s all over the world, including Canada and Australia, got Jelly Bean in the meantime.

Android 4.1.1 is expected to come with extra bloatware, so this may be one of the reasons for the substantial delay.

AT&T customers were relieved when the update got to them last month, via the Kies app, although what stopped it going over the air we can only guess at.

While Verizon fans can finally feel some sort of relieve now that the carrier rolled out the 4.1 Jelly Bean update just last week, with it no longer being the latest update there is another wait now – to Android 4.2. The new Android update brings features like Photosphere and Gesture Typing. Given that Verizon was last to 4.1 with the Samsung Galaxy S3, we could see the same thing happen with the next update now. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus for instance is a full 3 updates behind!

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