Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tipped On Official Samsung Facebook Page?

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One fan of Samsung went over to the Facebook page of Samsung to see what was happening with the release of the Galaxy Note on Verizon. Rather than simply saying that Verizon had nothing coming to them, they told him that they had nothing to announce at the moment. Could this mean that there is something coming in the near future? Droid-Life Certainly thinks so.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumors begin flying

They also said that Mr Williams might want to check back to keep up with information. This could mean that they are referring to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which will be launched at the IFA this year. However it could also mean that they are set to release another device for Verizon too so we’re not going to hold our breath just yet.

On the other hand it could be nothing more than just a big tease; after all another OEM did this on their Facebook page recently :cough: Motorola. So could it be nothing more than Samsung just teasing, or is a new device, possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, set to be announced for Verizon?

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