Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Releases Nov 29th Only?!

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Verizon have made the announcement about their pre-orders for those waiting to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. However all they would say at this time is that the handset would be available in the coming weeks.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date 29th November only?

However on checking out during the process of pre-ordering the handset there is an expected date for shipping of 27th November reports Droid-Life. Therefore the rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date being on the 29th of November are looking possible.

Many DL readers have also said that this would be the launch date for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note 2 in the past. So if you cannot wait to get your hands on a new phone, you may want to consider another device given there is a full month to go.

Along with the 720 x 1280 display the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with Jelly Bean Android 4.1 and is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of internal storage. It has 2GB of RAM and supports SD card up to another 64GB. It is powered by the Exynos quad core 1.6GHz processor and comes with S Pen and features and software dedicated to the stylus.

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