Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 An Abomination! [PICS]

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Photos have been posted online of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by the folks over at AndroidAuthority. Of course there is always doubt about photos when they appear online and one thing that strikes us as odd is the person who posted the photos has actively taken part on automotive forums for the past 8 years, not tech ones?

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pictures leaked

Nevertheless, the photos show very clearly the Verizon logo stamped onto the home button of the device!? But before you gasp in horror at the awful look this gives, bear in mind that this is not final as the back and menu buttons are anything but the standard. Let’s hope that this will not be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that we can get our hands on from Verizon as the home button complete with branding is simply awful.

The only info that came along with the pictures was that it’s possible the device could launch in November and this does match rumors that have been going around.

HTC on the other hand could be getting ready to release a device of super-size proportions next week and this would be competition for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But the question remains is if the Verizon version of the Note 2 has branding on the home button, would you buy it?

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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