Ugly Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Won’t Need A Paper Bag After All

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Do you think the Verizon version of the Note 2 is ugly? Well here is a remedy… Many people have said that Verizon have made their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 look weird thanks to having the Verizon brand tattooed on the home button.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2: how to cover up that ugly home button

If you think the same too then thankfully there is a remedy for this which comes courtesy of Spigen SGP. You can make the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 look great without the branding in very little time by way of home button replacements (pictured below).

The packs are available in 3 colours, one each of silver, black and pink, and are designed in aluminium with edges that have been diamond cut and which have a laser marked design. They cost $9.99 and you can get them from Amazon with free shipping.

By all accounts they are easy to apply and remove and they make the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 look a lot more attractive, at least in my opinion. Honestly I’ve always hated the Verizon logo and now that there is a solution to hide it, I am wishing that all other handsets put the VZW logo on the home button as well given that it is easier to cover up than on other parts of the phone’s body.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 home button replacement

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 home button replacement

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