[DEAL ALERT] Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Price Crashes

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Could a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus be right around the corner? We’ve seen hints of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 by way of the “Premier.” And there are also rumors of the next Nexus phone coming in the next 30 days.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus price cut again

If this is true then it will certainly explain Verizon’s latest price cut. If you are considering whether or not to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Verizon on contract, then now may be the time to make your mind up and grab a bargain.

Verizon is offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a promo discount on top of their online discount, which means that you can get the Nexus for just $49.99 on a contract over two years. This may or may not signify that there is a Galaxy Nexus 2 on the way, but it may mean that Verizon are getting ready for other better devices as well.

In the cards are the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Motorola DROID Razr HD, Maxx HD, Spectrum 2, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and the Droid Incredible X. all of these handsets should be available on Verizon before the end of the month.

However the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a bargain for $49.99, even if it does have somewhat disappointing battery life.

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