Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus With Jelly Bean: What’s It Like

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The update for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus to Jelly Bean is finally here, but has it been worth the wait? I think so.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean: test drive

Jelly Bean is a lot better than Ice Cream Sandwich and after having it on the handset for just one week there is a lot to enjoy… until Google releases Key Lime Pie.

The overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been improved. Often ICS was sluggish on the user interface when opening apps and moving home screens, however this is not a problem with Jelly Bean. Now you can have lots of apps open and the device is still fast and smooth.

Battery life has improved greatly and now you can actually take the Nexus out with you without worrying about the battery dying before it is back on your nightstand. With Android 4.0 the battery lasted around 10 hours. With the update you get around an extra hour to two.

Expanded notifications are one of the things that are great on Jelly Bean. I use these regularly to read emails, texts and look at calls I missed. The browser has also been improved with improvements to Java, CPU and HTML5, and it is now a more enjoyable web browsing experience than ever.

Offline voice dictation is an improvement as you can now take notes and dictate without being connected to the internet. The app for the camera is better and is now very impressive thanks to navigational gestures.

However there are some features of Jelly Bean that don’t live up to expectations. Face Unlock comes with improvements; however I don’t use it that much and really it’s just a gimmick. Android Beam is useless to me and I would rather send photos and videos the old way through email and MMS.

So if you are debating on getting the update to Jelly Bean then I would recommend that you do it without hesitation. Jelly Bean is the best OS to come from Google and is a big improvement over ICS.

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