Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update Just Got Nearer

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While the Samsung Galaxy Nexus models in other parts of the world have already started to receive their Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, folks over here in the US who own a Sprint or Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus are still waiting. Well there is now some good news for the latter.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update nearing

Google has just released the Jelly Bean binaries to AOSP for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

While this doesn’t mean that you can get your Jelly Bean update now, adding the binaries to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is a sign that everything is progressing as it should. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus just yet.

We’ve already expressed our distaste with the way Verizon has been handling the updates when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus after it took the carrier months to release the minor updates in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here’s hoping Verizon has taken Jelly Bean as a priority in order to restore faith in Nexus fans. Have a good weekend folks!


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