Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus A Mockery!

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While other consumers on other carriers are happily using the Jelly Bean update on their Nexus handsets, and have been for over a month, those on Verizon and Sprint are still waiting.

Sprint & Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus lose their “pure Google experience” thanks to carriers

We all know that Google Nexus branded handsets always get updates for Android before any other handset, right? Well it seems this may not be so if you are with Sprint and Verizon and you own the Google Nexus as the update has not been rolled out and it was introduced over a month and a half ago. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus offers users the pure Google experience and this should essentially mean that it gets updates faster. However some versions of the handset have been slow to get it, namely those offered by Sprint and Verizon.

What’s even more frustrating for users of the Nexus on these carriers is that rumors are going around that the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 in Europe could be getting the update next week. This would mean that those in Europe may be able to enjoy Jelly Bean on their handsets before residents of the US, despite the fact that the Nexus was initially designed for developers.

The reason for the slowness seems to be down to the carrier as Verizon in particular are known to be slow when it comes to releasing updates thanks to testing procedures that are very rigorous. Due to this fact there is no telling when the update may become available. The only thing that is confirmed is that it will be coming at some point in the future. It could be that if you want to be able to get your hands on the latest updates when they come out you should purchase an unlocked handset, as these do get updates faster. If you are able to choose AT&T or T-Mobile as your carrier you can get the unlocked handset for around $350 and use it on their network.

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