Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Update A Godsend

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As all Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus users will know, the device has not been running very smoothly over the last 5 months to say the least. However, Verizon finally updated the device in early June to Android 4.0.4 – even though it was around 4 months too late.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexu Android 4.0.4 update

Adam Mills, a blogger for GottaBeMobile has just written an interesting post outlining how his Nexus was running before and after the update. First, he noted being slightly critical of the update, as the glitches it set out to fix as written on the changelog failed to mention some of the glitches that Mills had encountered. The problems that he, along with thousands of other users, was having prior to the update were as follows –

The phone switched itself off and rebooted unexpectedly; The microphone would cut off during telephone conversations; The device would crash; Battery life was dire; Slow operation and functionality; and Problems connecting to a network.

Now five months of this must have been pretty wearing for Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners, but fortunately it seems as though this update has done the trick. Mills discusses how none of the issues mentioned above have occurred since the update; even the battery life increased. The only time one of the aforementioned issues happened was the microphone cut-out, but that is just one and he does not link the issue to the software.

All in all it sounds like the device is working completely smoothly since Verizon’s update!

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