Verizon & Samsung Galaxy Nexus: A Match Made In Hell

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While other carriers in the US still offer the LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Verizon have decided not to stock it anymore. Google has been sending out updates, but Verizon have not passed the last four Android updates on to their customers.

To date there has been four Android updates sent out. However none of these have been approved by Verizon.

The update process works by Google sending out the updates, which the carriers then test along with adding in their own bloat ware, then they roll it out.

Customers with Sprint have received Jelly Bean 4.2, which happens to be the second update for the operating system. The difference between the versions with Sprint and Verizon are the frequencies used for LTE, these are band incompatible LTE networks.

We did ask Verizon for a response but despite the fact that they said they would offer one, they haven’t as yet.

Some of the issues could be with Google and Verizon as they are deadlocked over Google Wallet, in conjunction with NFC. This has seen Verizon banning Google Wallet from their devices.

Perhaps Verizon don’t plan on updating the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at all, now that they are not offering it anymore.

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