Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 May Be Headed To Verizon Already

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A Verizon memo which has tomorrows date on it has somehow ended up in the inbox of DroidLife and it tells of a new pairing between Amazon apps and devices in the future.

Verizon memo may be hinting at Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

You may have noticed that the Samsung Galaxy Stellar has the Amazon marketplace and Audible apps along with IMDb preloaded and this is what the memo refers to. The memo says that new Android devices will come with the suite of apps, unless of course they are Google Experience devices.

Google Experience is a device that typically comes with a 100% stock Android handset or one which has been worked on directly by Google with the OEM. What DL is getting at is that the memo could be referring to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 which appears to be closer than you think.

However the memo could relate to a couple of scenarios. One is that Verizon may have plans to launch a Nexus device at some point in the future and second they are merely telling their employees that should they have a device in the future with Google Experience, that device would come with the apps pre-loaded.

With the Nexus series launching 1 month early every year (Nexus One was in January, Nexus S in December and Galaxy Nexus in November), we wouldn’t be surprised if a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 comes marching in next month.

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