Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Trampled By Mob Of Jelly Bean Phones Rumored For 2012

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All those who bought the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon are still waiting for the update to Jelly Bean. There have been rumors of the update coming their way but there are also rumors that its successor, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Superior, will be coming out with SD card support, faster processor and a better camera.

5 new Jelly Bean Nexus devices tipped to join Samsung Galaxy Nexus this year

It is thought that the new handset will come with Jelly Bean and it may have a 4.65 inch display just like the current Nexus but the rest of the hardware will be more akin to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Wall Street Journal said earlier in the year that there would be more than one Nexus handset this year so as to allow OEMs the chance to take advantage of the latest operating system quicker. We already saw ASUS’s Nexus 7 and now there is the leaked Samsung Galaxy Nexus Superior. The others tipped are expected to be coming from LG and Sony, with the last one still open to speculation (HTC or Motorola?).

Those left holding the Galaxy Nexus on the Verizon network will be upset by all this activity about new Jelly Bean Nexus handsets coming while they are still sitting on ICS. The Jelly Bean leak for the S3 has been revealed too mind you, and that isn’t even a Nexus series device. With talk of more handsets coming our way pre-installed with Jelly Bean, it is sure to rub salt into the wounds of owners of the Nexus and Verizon may be left with some explaining to do.

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