Verizon Firesale: Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus, DROID & More

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Not everyone is after buying a smartphone on contract. While there are immediate savings, in the long run you lose a hefty sum of money.

Daily Steal’s Verizon smartphone sale: Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus & more

We recently showed the difference between buying an iPhone 5 on contract and one without a two year tie-in with Walmart & Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited data plan. With Verizon, it would have cost you around $500 more over the two year commitment.

Of course you can’t beat the coverage that Verizon offers. And for that reason here is another way you can enjoy Verizon’s expansive coverage without paying an arm and a leg for your smrartphone. As part of the Daily Steals deal, you can grab a bunch of Verizon compatible smartphones without contract at a fraction of the price. The catch? Their refurbished. But before you say no, just check out the prices:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus $219; Samsung Galaxy S3 $369; HTC Rezound $299; HTC DROID Incredible 2 $139; LG Lucid 4G $119; LG Revolution $199; and Motorola DROID X $99. So, anything tickle your fancy?

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