iPhone 5: Just Don’t Trust It With The Time

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Some owners of the iPhone on the Verizon network in the US have reported an issue with the iPhone 5 showing the wrong time and date reports AppleInsider. In some cases this has been by as much as weeks ahead or behind the proper date and time.

Verizon iPhone 5 showing wrong time to many users

There have been many posts appearing on support communities of Apple about problems with the automatic time and date setting on the iPhone 5. It is thought that the problem is down to compatibility issues with the Verizon network. This bug first appeared on 24th September, when the iPhone 5 first came out in stores and has escalated ever since. However there have not been reports of the problem with other models of the iPhone, nor problems with devices upgraded to iOS 6.

While the exact cause of the issue is not known, it points to a bug with the timing code which is found in the CDMA cell network of Verizon. CDMA cell towers all transmit a time signal which is based on the date that comes from the GPS receiver on site. This ensures that the networks remain in sync. It is thought that either the iPhone 5 is not interpreting this signal correctly or that the cell towers at Verizon are the problem.

Apple and Verizon know about the issue of time shifting, but at present they have no fix for it. Some users have found that performing a factory reset cures the issue, however not everyone has found this to remedy the problem so we’d suggest slapping on a wristwatch for now.

It seems that Apple is blaming Verizon and Verizon are putting the blame on Apple. This has led to even more confusion. One customer called Verizon about the problem and was told that nothing was wrong at Verizon’s end. They said that the cell towers had been checked and they were the correct time. Therefore the problem was at Apple’s end and it was down to them to release a software fix for the iPhone 5.

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