Verizon iPhone 5 vs DROID RAZR M: Motorola’s Secret Weapon

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Today is the day when the world learns all about the iPhone 5 and it is said to have a larger display, LTE, more powerful processor and the Retina display. However there is one problem and that is that Motorola is trying to beat Apple to Verizon with its enticing RAZR M.

Verizon iPhone 5 vs Motorola DROID RAZR HD

Just last week Motorola announced three new devices in time for the holidays including the Droid Razr M. This is the device that may take the smartphone market by storm. The device is in the mid-level and while it doesn’t offer the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or perhaps the new iPhone 5, it has some great qualities. The handset has a dual core 1.5GHz processor, a batter of 2000mAh and a Super AMOLED Advanced display of 4.3 inches. Now if you’ve been following the Apple rumor mill, you may see that it has beat the iPhone 5 in terms of screen size, battery capacity and may even match the processor. The cost will be $99 following a rebate which has to be mailed in of $50. That also means that it would come in $100 below the base iPhone 5 model.

Despite its 4.3 inches the handset is not huge since Motorola fitted the screen around the device with it being almost edge to edge with a bezel that is only marginal. The device is long but not wide and so fits in the hand very nicely. Something that has turned many Apple fans away from Android devices like the large Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus.

The iPhone 5 is said to be coming with a screen of 4 inches and is said to be longer but the same width as the iPhone 4S. This is an increase over the 3.5 inches of previous models.

The Droid M comes with ICS and is updatable to Jelly Bean. It is very responsive when using it and it is feature rich. Android have now closed the large gap between them and iOS with Jelly Bean as it is the smoothest build we’ve seen to date. The handset makes good use of smart actions which adjusts such as ringtone volume and notifications around you depending on whether you are at home or work. This is a great feature and its clever and happens to be one of the first Google touches on a device from Motorola.

All in all the mid-level device fairs well against the iPhone 4S and maybe even the iPhone 5, when it is released later today. Now for you Verizon customers out there, do take note that earlier this year the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX was reportedly outselling the iPhone 4S at one point according to store checks by analysts. So the DROID name is still strong on Big Red despite the iPhone coming on board.

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