BW: Verizon iPhone 5 Release Date “Confirmed”

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Apple’s next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5, is due for release as the year is slowly coming to an end. So how much further are we from its release?

The much anticipated iPhone 5 launch date is one month from today reports BeatWeek. The tech blog discovered that Verizon have given “confirmation” that the new iPhone, possibly called iPhone 5, will be in retailers by 21st September. Verizon told their employees that they have to show up at work for 10 days starting from the 21st September or there will be trouble.

BW: Verizon iPhone 5 release date “confirmed”

Vacation blackouts at major carriers have always been a strong indication that a new iPhone is on its way. Carriers of course lack the secrecy of Apple and as such these blackout dates leak to the public. Apple are well known for launching their products on the Friday, this has been seen with iPhones and iPads in the past. This of course would then allow people to get in line after work and queue up outside Apple stores to be among the first to get their hands on the latest iPhone 5.

Apple will be holding a press conference as always for the launch and this is expected to take place anytime from the 12th September to the 21st. In the past Apple have unveiled products on a Wednesday and they have also held launch events during the first week of September since 2007, apart from last year with the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Are you excited about the iPhone 5? Do you plan on pre-ordering or getting in queue when it hits stores? Do tell us!


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