Why A Verizon iPhone 5 Will Work Better Than AT&T Or Sprint

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While nothing has been confirmed about the iPhone 5, there are some features that can be taken for granted – in particular, 4G LTE. With the recently released New iPad ‘3’ introducing LTE to the iOS platform, it pretty much goes without saying that the next iOS device in line, the iPhone 5, will continue this trend. And this very feature may be why Verizon could have a large advantage over their rivals.

Verizon iPhone 5: LTE advantage over AT&T and Sprint iPhone 5 models

Verizon is the largest carrier in the US and their high speed 4G LTE network covers 75% of the population in the US which is around 370 markets. AT&T on the other hand say that they give LTE service to more than 53 markets and with HSPA+ technology 4G is available to around 275 million residents of the US. Sprint has also been very active in select LTE markets but nowhere near Verizon or AT&T.

At this point in time LTE has not been much of an advantage for carriers in the US due to the fact that the majority of devices do not have the tech, including the iPhone 4S. However the next generation iPhone 5 is rumored to be just around the corner and if projections serve true, there could be close to 200 million units sold before the year is up. If so Verizon are more than ready to take advantage.

AT&T may suffer from disadvantages with the release of the new iPhone 5 due to the fact that according to analysts, a lot of individuals with them are coming to the end of a contract. The carrier has raised their prices for their shared data plans and so this may lead to them losing customers.

However not everyone agrees with this and one analyst from Wells Fargo said that AT&T have measures in place to ensure that they keep their customers. They have had the iPhone for some time now.

All three carriers have the iPhone 4S and of course T-Mobile is left behind as they have never sold the iPhone. However this may change when the iPhone 5 is released and if so Sprint is the one that would suffer the most from this as it could see some of their customers going to T-Mobile who recently announced an unlimited data plan that is cheaper than Sprint’s.

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