Verizon & AT&T Light Up More LTE Cities On iPhone 5 Release

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AT&T and Verizon have given more cities faster network speeds thanks to LTE. AT&T have been working hard with their LTE rollouts over the last week, getting ready for the release of the iPhone 5, which is in stores today. Meanwhile Verizon, not to be outdone, have also been doing the same. And just this week alone, they both have lit up many more cities with 4G LTE speeds.

AT&T and Verizon activate 4G LTE in more cities this week as iPhone 5 releases

AT&T has launched their LTE network in 10 more major markets during the last week. These include Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle. This means that AT&T now offers LTE services in 72 of the major markets in the US. They have also said they will be adding more big markets, which includes Denver and Detroit, before the end of the year is out.

Verizon switched on another 19 markets across the US on Thursday. They also expanded their high speed network to 20 markets that already exist. Verizon now have LTE covering more than 75% of the US and they also have more coverage than all of the carriers in the US put together. They say that they will get LTE to over 400 markets by the end of the year. A spokesman said that they were continuing to expand, along with enhance their network around the country so as to give consumers the best possible experience.

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