Verizon HTC One Mini: Big Red Can’t Cut A Break As AT&T Picks Up Exclusivity Again [RUMOR]

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If you were thinking about getting the HTC One but the price put you off then you could be interested in hearing the following rumours that are going around. HTC may soon reveal another version of their flagship handset in the form of the HTC One Mini, which could have the name of the HTC M4.

Samsung have shown just how popular smaller handsets are. They revealed the Mini version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been very popular. HTC may not want to get a piece of the action and they could reveal a smaller version of the HTC One.

PhoneArena showed us what was said to be an official render of the handsets and we have to say that the Mini version looks very much the same as the HTC One. There are some differences though. The display is 4.3 inches instead of 4.7 inches.

Because the display is smaller the speaker grills have been reduced to match it. The back of the camera has the flash and it is located about the main camera sensor.

The HTC One Mini could have a dual core as opposed to its larger brothers quad core and the resolution of the display could be 720p instead of 1080p. The battery may have been cut down to the 1700 mAh and not 2300 mAh. As you can see these would be some large changes.

It has been said that the camera would be the same quality, along with the device having 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. These are all just rumours right now. EVLeaks said on Twitter that the device could be heading to AT&T exclusively. We thought that Verizon may pick it up as at the moment they are the last to announce the HTC One, so maybe it was because they were hoping to jump on the HTC One Mini first instead. However for now it is looking as though AT&T is in cahoots with HTC this year.

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