HTC M7 Headed To US But May Snub Verizon

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There has been another twist when it comes to the HTC M7 saga and if you are with Verizon then it may not be good news for you. Rumour has it that the flagship device from HTC would be coming to the US carriers AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, but not on T-Mobile. However now it seems that it could be Verizon that will miss out.

It is thought that the HTC M7 will be revealed on 19th February at an event to be held in New York City. CEO of HTC, Peter Chou said that he couldn’t wait to show off the handset. We have seen photos of him taking out the device and taking photos of an audience, at an event in Taiwan.

It is thought that the release date for the handset will be announced as being the 8th March. However at the moment it is looking like Verizon may miss out as it could be arriving on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile first. HTCSource said that the version heading to Verizon has been delayed and the reason behind this is that they want to push out the HTC Droid DNA first, which is still a new handset.

The news will be a disappointment for Verizon customers as they were the last to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it was released. Verizon have not said anything about this as the device is not official at the moment. However it would be logical for them to want to put the Droid DNA in the spotlight before then going on to their next big handset.

So what do you think about Verizon missing out again?

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