Verizon Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Update A Mixed Bag Of Emotions

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Seems like even receiving the Marshmallow update could be something that’s not really worth celebrating, as an unexpected carrier has released it. But then again, why should there even be a mixed bag of emotions appearing out of nowhere; why should there even be a right to feel this way since we should be appreciative of the update regardless of which carrier is releasing it?

Maybe it’s the fact that people have been expecting for AT&T to come up with some good news, but was being taken a step ahead by Verizon in releasing the Marshmallow update. And let’s not even start with T-Mobile, as that carrier is still tight-lipped about the release of the update since it’s been said that it still remains in the development stage. Ouch.

So since Verizon surprised many people, especially the technology observers, it’s even more surprising when the company has published the changelog for their version of the Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0 update. And more importantly, it’s already begun to push the software upgrade out to owners of the device too. Still, it all comes down to this; are you grateful for the update?

Would you have it any other way and blame the other carriers for now releasing it first?

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