Verizon “HTC J Butterfly” Cheaper Than Galaxy Note 2, Out Nov 20th?

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The minimum advertised price list of Verizon has leaked and in it the 5 inch HTC DLX with its 1080p display could be launched as the HTC Droid DNA in November. It is thought that this is the same device as it has the number HTC6435LVW, with the codename of dlx, which was reported many months ago.

Verizon “HTC J Butterfly” pops up as DROID DNA, cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Now if you’re wondering what exactly the HTC DROID DNA or HTC DLX is, it is basically the Verizon version of the recently launched HTC J Butterfly, a 5-inch phablet that will compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Big Red have listed the HTC DROID DNA (J Butterfly) as being available on a two year contract for $199 and for a device with a 1080p display this is superb. The Droid DNA is thought to come with the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core processor and have 16GB of storage along with 2GB of RAM and a camera of 8 megapixels. It is also thought that is will have Jelly Bean out of the box. This is a premium handset that would typically command a price of around $299 on Verizon.

Some of the first pictures of the HTC phablet appeared online over the weekend and it looks as though the November date would match up with leaks to date.

In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also showing up on the list and this device has a price tag of $299 and it could be launching soon. It is thought that it will be available for pre-order from tomorrow. So would you opt for Verizon’s HTC J Butterfly variant or the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 given the price and features?


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