Verizon: 4G LTE Done, Now Figuring Out 5G & 6G

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The CEO of Verizon had a chat at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference about the status of network. Apparently they are far ahead of competitors when it comes to their wireless network along with shared data plans.

Verizon CEO says they will be working on 5G & 6G when rival networks catch up on 4G LTE

One interestng quote in particular was related to the industry waiting for 4G LTE, which Big Red had moved forward on before other carriers. Thanks to the leg up they got they have a large lead in coverage today, however they are not slowing down. McAdam said that the company is figuring out what 5G and 6G looks like while others are still working on 4G LTE:

“So even if someone catches up quote from a coverage perspective, you have got to catch up from a user experience perspective. And so we are going to hang on to that and we are going to defend that ground. And in the meantime, we are going to try to figure out what 5G and 6G looks like. So there is — it is not like — I know when you do your model you always like to think about okay this is the last evolution. Well, I hope I never see the last evolution in wireless technology. So I believe that we will”.

He also went on to talk about adoption of the company’s Share Everything plans. Customers who are new to Verizon have to endure shared data plans, and positivity isn’t necessarily the thing that you associate with it. The chief of Verizon however did say that tablet connectivity was on the increase on shared plans as consumers liked paying out $10 instead of having to find $30 to use them.

While the comments are nothing to get excited about, those on Verizon may be interested to know that the company is full of confidence when it comes to the future.

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