Vauxhall Zafira & Astra GTC: End Of The Road

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It was first thought that the sudden interest in crossover and SUVs will only last for a short time and people will soon return to the passenger cars and minivan but that is not the case and more and more automakers are accepting that by killing off some of the older models.

According to Autocar, Vauxhall could be killing off the Zafira Tourer and Astra GTC model could be on their way out in the UK. The axing of the Zafira Tourer does make sense since MPVs are now being ignored in favor of SUVs.

The Astra GTC, on the other hand was quite well received when it was first released by it looks like people are no longer interested in three-door coupes anymore. This is just the start as many people believe that we will see more and more passengers cars getting axed and replaced by crossover and SUVs.

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