Valorant Will Be Heading To Console Soon?

Same people have been begging Valorant developer to bring the game to console and it looks like the developer might be considering it after all.

The game is currently released on PC only but some fans are hoping that it would come to console soon since it was revealed that Riot Games is working on a console version of the game but before you start celebrating, Anna Donlon, the executive producer of the game have also added that this does not guarantee that the game will be coming to console.

She explained that the way to play the game might not translate well on console and that they will only do it if they can deliver the same experience on the platforms. There is also a concern that the game on the console will not feel the same as these kinds of games on consoles would often need aim assist option to replicate the mouse.

For now, it is good news that they are considering it but this is far from confirmation.