Valorant Offering Players $100,000 If You Can Find It

To make sure they have their game Valorant secured, the developer, Riot is now offering their fans a chance to get USD 100,000 from them but only if they can find exploits in their anti-cheating technology, Vanguard.

Called the HackerOne bug bounty program, this has been something that has been going on for years now ut the developer is now looking to offer more money to the public to encourage them to look harder for the exploits and report them to the developer.

Those that think that have found an exploit can submit a report to Riot. Depending on the quality of the report, the person will receive some payout from Riot starting from $250 and up to $!00,00 for a high-quality report.

The person will need working proof of concept of the issue and a report detailing it. The exploit will also need to be new.