US Vehicles Can Finally See Clearer Now

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Although vehicles in Europe and Japan was already using the advanced headlight tech like the adaptive driving beams for their vehicle, it was never offered here in the US but it will soon as NHTSA has now given the thumbs up for the tech.

According to NHTSA, the response came after Toyota filed a petition back in 2013 asking NHTSA to allow the lights which will provide better visibility compared to what we have now since it has more illumination without the glare.

NHTSA has concluded that the tech could have significant safety benefits to help avoid collision with pedestrians, cyclists, animals, as well as roadside objects. Other automakers like Volkswagen also filed for a petition a few years ago to allow their Audi A7 to use the headlights.

Adaptive headlights will use sensors, camera, as well as data-processing software to detect oncoming vehicles and adjust the lights accordingly. With NHTSA now approving it, we should be seeing more of it soon.

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