US Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Joins That Of UK’s (Rumors)

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It is possible that Samsung could put 5 inch AMOLED full HD displays in their phones; however this is something that hasn’t been confirmed yet. However there has been some new information come out that tells us the exact date when Samsung will reveal their successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It is thought that the device will be very special when it arrives. Rumours are going around about the handset having a camera of 13 megapixels and that this will be the first handset to come with the 8 core processor of Samsung.

SamMobile have mentioned another rumour about the device and this time it is about the release date, which is set for the 15th March at the Unpacked event. This is not the first mention of this date; however the potential availability of the handset has been mentioned for the US and the UK.

It is thought that the device will be revealed on 15th March and that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will then be in stores in Europe early in April. It seems that those living in the US may have to wait a while longer as the handset might not make it until May or even June of 2013.

So if you live in the US and have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be announced, what do you think about having to wait until May or June for the release of the device? Will it make you turn to the HTC M7 instead, which may be out sooner?

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