US Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean: Where’s The Rest Of It?

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US owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are still waiting for Jelly Bean. The update was announced in July for August and it never happened. Now that we’re reaching the end of October, only Sprint has stepped up and given Jelly Bean to its Galaxy S3. So where’s the rest of it?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update for US users

When August was out, Samsung said that the update was almost ready – it’d be out by the end of September. September ended and the Samsung FaceBook page still said JB was “coming soon” to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Some people were so sick of waiting that they installed leaked ROMs into their phones and started using JB unofficially. We told people to wait for the official update, as it was imminent.

Jelly Bean has got to some Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets in Europe and Asia. Germany and UK are good as well and in the US Sprint took the first step.

The latest update from Samsung Mobile US however is going to upset fans. According to Samsung US, Android 4.1 will be available stateside in the next couple of months. Now before you get angry, the same applied to Sprint and they got theirs just this week. So it may not be as long as it sounds.

YouMobile speculate that T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and US Cellular would get the update by next month. So this looks good. However there is no word on when the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 will get the privilege.

The process of updating is different in the US, and updates are often slow. Google sends out the update, and then the networks have to take it to the phones. The update has to be approved, then they send it out with their respective bloatware. So, we have to wait for the carriers to sort the updates, not the manufacturer. Poor Samsung is getting all the grief from frustrated customers who really want to know when JB is arriving for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sigh.

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