US Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update: How Close Is It?

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US-based owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are still waiting for their Jelly Bean update. The update was announced back in July, and was expected out in August, but there’s still no sign of it in October. Understandably, people are getting restless.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update for US users

When August had expired, Samsung said the update was imminent – by the end of September at the latest. September ended and the company Facebook page still said that Jelly Bean was “coming soon” to all carriers of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Some people got so fed up of waiting that they installed leaked ROMs onto their phones and started using Jelly Bean. We advised people to wait for the carrier to get JB to them, as it wouldn’t be long. Poor US customers must be wondering how soon “coming soon” actually is.

Jelly Bean has reached some handsets outside America, in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, Poland and Sweden. Germany is at the updating stage, so they’re waiting for approval. In other regions, though, it’s still “pending”, and this includes the US where Samsung last week only said it will be a couple of “months” more.

On to rumors now – YouMobile has said that Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and US Cellular S3 owners might get the update in January. There’s no news for Verizon, though. So it does tie in with this week’s official announcement by Samsung Mobile US.

The whole process of updating is different in the US, and there are often problems with slow updates. When Google sends out the update, it’s up to the networks to get it to the phones. The update has to be approved by them, and then they send it out in bloatware. So, we have to wait for the carriers for the updates rather than the manufacturer. However, poor Samsung is taking all the flak from frustrated customers who really have no idea how long they’ll have to wait.

What’s your opinion on this long wait? Is it an excessive amount of time? Who is to blame?

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