Upcoming Verizon Phones (2012): 9 Devices To Look Forward To

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The holiday devices from Verizon have taken shape. While the majority of companies held press events in August and September and announced the devices they would be releasing in Q4, Verizon kept very quiet. However there were leaks and the usual rumours and thanks to these some light has been shed on what devices may be coming our way. Verizon have told us of their shared data plans and as they are known to have the largest LTE network, they are about to get the best phone line-up in the US in Q4.

Upcoming Verizon phones (2012)

The HTC Droid Incredible X will be coming and it is thought to have a display of 5 inches with a 1080 display and 480 pixels per inch. It will run on the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad processor and it should have 1.5GB of RAM, LTE and NFC. It is also rumoured to come with a very thin body. It is thought that this device will be in stores by November.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5 inch display of Super AMOLED. It will run on the Exynos 1.6GHz processor and have 2GB of RAM. Storage wise it will have 16GB internally and SD card support for up to another 64GB. It is thought that the device will run on Jelly Bean and it has a 3100mAh battery to power it.

Motorola showed us the new additions to the Razr family in September. However they only told us about the launch date for the Razr M. However the stars of the show are actually the Motorola DROID Razr HD and the RAZR Maxx HD. Both of these devices come with 4.7 inch displays of Super AMOLED and run on dual core 1.5GHz processors from Snapdragon. They have 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage internally, SD card support, 8 megapixel cameras and they run on the latest Jelly Bean Android 4.1. Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for the devices is the large battery. The Razr HD has a battery of 2530mAh and the Maxx HD a battery of 3300mAh. It is thought that both of the handsets will launch before the holiday period.

There might now be another Nexus handset from Google heading to Verizon despite  arguments over updates and carrier control. If it should happen we would most likely see this in Q4. It is possible that there could be a handset released from Sony, LG or Samsung, or even HTC (or possibly all).

LG announced the Optimus G last week and this happens to be one of the best ever Android handsets created. The Spectrum 2 is the variant of the LG Optimus LTE2 in the US and it comes with 1GB of RAM, a 1.5GHz processor, 4.7 inch HD True IPS+ display, NFC, LTE and it should have Ice Cream Sandwich. It is thought that it could be released in October.

The Stratosphere 2 from Samsung is excellent for anyone who wants a physical keyboard and it is thought to come with the Snapdragon S4 dual core and have a Super AMOLED display, although it is not HD. It would run on the 4G LTE network of Verizon and while it isn’t in the high end of devices, it will be a powerful device in the mid-range. It should be coming out any day now.

There are already some devices at Verizon that you may wish to consider. The Droid Razr M comes with a display that is edge to edge. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best phones that have been launched over the summer.

Of course there are other handsets to choose from that are not on Android. You could take a look at the Windows phone 8 handsets from Nokia along with HTC. The Lumia 920 comes with hardware that matches up to any of the Android phones in the high end category and they feature a great design and are colourful. The HTC 8X has some great specs and also great looks, yet it leaves a smaller footprint than the Lumia 920. These handsets will be arriving in November.

Finally there is the iPhone 5, likely to be the hottest seller this year. The device took in 5 million orders already and shows no signs of slowing down.

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