The Superphones Are Coming: Nexus 5s, iPhone 5, Bezel-less RAZR

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It’s Smartphone September, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3 Motorola DROID RAZRs and the LG Optimus G already announced. However if rumors serve true, there is plenty more coming this year. We’re talking about the five rumored Nexus devices, a new HTC 1080p phone and of course, the iPhone 5.

Upcoming phones: Bezel-less Motorola RAZR, iPhone 5, Nexus devices

Motorola announced the Droid RAZR HD Maxx with its 4.7” screen, 3,300mAh battery and 1.5GHz dual-core chip. It also unveiled the RAZR M, a nifty wee device with a 4.3” screen, Ice Cream Sandwich and virtually no bezel. Well there are rumors of another RAZR with no bezel in the front at all. We are talking about a pure edge-to-edge display.

Next is HTC who are thought to release their new 1080p phone very soon which may have a 5” screen. Other than these two facts, we know nothing else about it. There were some benchmark tests back in July that point to a quad-core chip and 4G LTE, and this device should be revealed later this month and land on Verizon.

There will be more Google Nexus handsets joining the party, and these may well be from Sony, Samsung and LG. They may have the names of Xperia Nexus, Optimus Nexus and Galaxy Nexus 2 (AKA the Superior). Google is thought to have as many as five new devices in the pipeline with only one revealed so far (Google Nexus 7).

Of course we all know that September 12 sees the unveiling of the big one – the iPhone 5. It’s thought to have a major revamp and redesign rather than an in-line progression like the iPhone 4S. With Apple wading in, people really will be spoilt for choice.

So what are you waiting for? The iPhone 5 or one of the flurry of Android phones?

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