Upcoming Phones 2013: X, Bender, New Galaxy S3 Colors & More

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Last quarter was superb for handsets as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Droid RAZR Maxx HD, LG Optimus G, Nexus 4 and the Apple iPhone 5 were all introduced during this period. There were also talk about many more handsets expected to make their way onto the market, including the HTC M7 with a 1080p display, an HP Android device and the Samsung Galaxy S3 in new colours. Let’s take a look.

Upcoming phones in 2013 (rumors)

HTC M7: HTC a said to be working on a handset that would have a display of 1080p and a display of 5 inches. Benchmarks said that the handset would have a quad core chip and that the device would be 4G LTE compatible and it could be headed to all carriers but Verizon since it already has the DROID DNA.

It was also said that there would be a Motorola X coming our way that would be similar to a Nexus device but wouldn’t carry the name. It is expected to boast the durable Motorola RAZR-like body and a Sony camera.

Then there was talk of the HP Bender and there was very little to say about this other than the benchmark said that it had ICS and it was a dual core Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz device. HP had seen some success when they revealed the Touchpad with Android and it was thought that HP would have Android on the Bender handset.

There was also talk of the Samsung Galaxy S3 being released in pink. Pictures were leaked of the handset and these showed a shocking bright pink device, which was said to be the 7th colour in the range of the flagship handset.

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