Upcoming Google Nexus Phone May Have 2 Major Drawbacks

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There has been a rumor about the next Nexus handset coming from LG first which may be released sometime during November. LG would be great for a Nexus handset, as HTC and Samsung have already released devices. However if what we hear is true then the new Google Nexus phone could come with two main let-downs.

Upcoming Nexus phone may lack popular Android hardware features

ZDNET reports that the specifications of the LG Optimus G that are supposedly the basis for the next LG Nexus phone, have been confirmed. The specs are pretty much typical of what you would expect from any high-end Android handset, except for two things. These are the fact that there will not be external storage by way of SD card and the limit will be 16GB of internal storage, and the other is that the battery cannot be removed.

At the moment Google have not said anything about an announcement for a Nexus handset and of course there have been rumours going around that there will be more than one Google Nexus phone released this year. So for now we will just have to wait and see if other manufacturers will be releasing Nexus handsets alongside LG.

In the meantime, would you be put off by these two shortcomings? Many tech experts blamed the HTC One X for failing to perform as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 in sales records because it too lacked these two features. So it may end up being a big deal to many consumers.

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