Upcoming Ford Mustang Avoids Autonomous Technology

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Usually what drives carmakers is profit and adding on new features only goes to boost profit. This may be one of the main reasons why Ford has been considering autonomous technology for the Ford Mustang.

Self-driving vehicles are usually aimed at those who are looking for ease, functionality and luxury, so putting autonomous driving tech in the Ford Mustang wouldn’t really make sense, after all it is an enthusiast’s car.

Ford realises this and surely they are not going do something as silly as put autonomous driving into the Ford Mustang? It seems not as recently they did say that they would continue offering up cars for drivers, despite the fact that they are merging with Ford Fusion for driverless vehicles.

So it looks like the Ford Mustang isn’t going to be self-driving and this is something that is music to ears of fans of the muscle car.

What is a big concern though is just what the new Ford Mustang is going to look like as it was said that we might see an extreme new look.

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