Upcoming Ford Models: Bronco, Explorer RS, Exhibition & Ranger SUV

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Ford has revealed that they will be bringing out four SUVs at some point within the next four years and it is expected that they may be the Ford Bronco, Explorer RS, Ranger and the Exhibition.

Sales of SUVs have been on the rise and due to this Ford wants to get in on the act as they currently don’t have any that fit into the segment. The Ford Bronco, Explorer RS, Ranger and the Exhibition would certainly fit well into the category and help Ford a great deal.

Ford revealed that around one in three vehicles sold within the US has been an SUV and they are expecting SUVs to account for around 40% of the market over the next four years. One of the most popular SUVs is the Blue Ovals Explorer and the Ford Bronco, Explorer RS, Ranger and the Exhibition could compete against it.

Of course there isn’t anything certain about which vehicles Ford might bring to the market. However top name for contention have to be the Ford Bronco, Ranger, Exhibition and the Explorer RS.

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