Brace Yourself, Unlocked iPhone 5 Hits US Apple Store Today [RUMOR]

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It is thought that the unlocked version of the iPhone 5 could be coming to the Apple Store in the US by 9pm Pacific Time. Electronista reports that we may see the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 come with price tags of $649, $749 and $849. Unlocked iPhones are available in other countries, including the UK, while in the US they lag behind thanks to carrier’s concessions.

Unlocked iPhone 5 US model hitting Apple Store today?

The source said that Apple stores should have the unlocked devices very soon and that they have begun to get shipments. However at the moment there has been no specific launch date rumoured online.

It is also thought that Apple is to expand their Personal Pick up program. This allows people to order the iPhone 5 online and then go and get it from the Apple Store the next day. At the moment those wanting the device can make a reservation after 10pm, but under the new changes this would mean that the device could be reserved at any time of the day.

The unlocked iPhone 5 would prove fruitful for those who don’t want the burden of contracts as well as those who want to use the iPhone 5 on other networks such as T-Mobile.

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