Unlocked iPhone 5 Hits Apple Store After Black Friday, From $649 Onwards?

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The Apple Store in the US has been showing iPhone 5 delivery dates to be three to four weeks for specific carriers. However if you make a search on their website it seems to reveal the price of the unlocked unit, which is thought to be coming out in stores later this year.

Unlocked iPhone 5 to be available from US Apple Store right after Black Friday?

This was discovered by a reader of Appleinsider who said that the unlocked handsets could be just placeholders in the database of Apple. However the price tag does seem to be consistent with identical models that are sold in Canada, which is where all iPhones happen to be unlocked.

The iPhone 5 is listed as being $649 for the 16GB handset, $749 for the 32GB and $849 for the 64GB version. These prices are for the CDMA and GSM handsets. You can find the price of the 32GB GSM and CDMA version of the iPhone simply by typing in iPhone 5 factory unlocked 32GB.

We are not sure just how long the devices have been on the website of Apple. However in September a report said that there was a comparison page which showed prices of the unlocked devices which were being sent to Canada and he US. These prices were around the same with the results from the search found on the US version of the Apple website.

Apple doesn’t offer the unlocked version of its latest devices in the US. The CDMA version of the device sold by Verizon is compatible with the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Another report also said that the AT&T version could be unlocked so that it would work on the T-Mobile network if you performed an iTunes reset and replaced the SIM card with a nano one.

It is thought that Apple will begin to roll out the unlocked iPhone 5 following the worldwide rollout of the device and supply of it normalizes. On the website it talks about these unlocked iPhone 5 models shipping in 3 to 4 weeks. So we’re looking at sometime after Black Friday if the details serve true.

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